Do you treat both adults and children?
Yes, Northside Dental provides dental services for patients both young and old.

Why do I need to visit the dentist every six months?
Even with regular at-home dental care, flossing and brushing your teeth cannot always remove all the plaque and bacterial buildup. In addition, many dental issues develop quietly without major symptoms until they have caused extensive damage. Your appointments can help us keep track of your dental health and provide early treatment to help you avoid unnecessary discomfort or dental procedures.

Are dental treatments expensive?
Northside Dental offers competitive dental care at rates that are affordable for all of our patients, and we do so without compromising the quality of our services. Look through our Financial Options page to learn about your payment and insurance options.

What is Dr. Cera’s experience in dental care?
Dr. Brandon Cera has his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and is passionate about helping his patients. Since moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, he has established his reputation as a dentist that chooses the most effective and conservative treatment plans for his patients.

Do you offer bilingual services?
Yes, our practice offers services in both English and Spanish.

Do I need an appointment to see the dentist?
Our office recommends making an appointment beforehand. You can do this on our website, by visiting our office or by calling or texting us at 505-820-3551. However, our office also can take walk-in patients for emergencies or during normal business hours, if scheduling permits.

Our office always accepts new patients, and we look forward to helping others achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. Please feel free to contact our dental office in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to schedule your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Brandon Cera!