The term “caries” refers to the development of cavities and tooth decay. If left untreated, relatively minor decay can quickly worsen, resulting in infected tissue, tooth deterioration and compromised structure, all of which can necessitate the removal of the entire tooth. Certain parts of the tooth are particularly susceptible to caries development. These areas include:

  • In between neighboring teeth
  • Close to and along the gum line
  • Within the indentations or cracks of the back molars
  • Along the seams of oral prosthetics, including dental bridges or fillings

To reduce the risk developing tooth decay, Northside Dental utilizes an advanced technological system for caries management in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With this treatment, Dr. Brandon Cera will address the decay and provide and preventive measures to reduce the chances of cavities developing, spreading or worsening after dental treatment. The process works by examining the teeth both visually and with dental instruments. We also use advanced imaging techniques that can help detect weak points within the tooth enamel. These compromised areas can then be treated accordingly to prevent further decay.

With our thorough and accurate caries management, our dentist can help keep your mouth healthy and prevent future cavities from developing. If you would like to learn more about our techniques and procedures for cavity prevention, we invite you to call or text us at 505-820-3551 and speak with a member of our caring team.