Bone Grafts 101

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If you’ve ever had a significant infection in your jaw bone, or other issues with your jaw health, you may have been told that a bone graft could help improve things. For those lucky enough to not have had this experience, you’re probably not familiar with what a bone graft is.

While it’s not the most pleasant subject to talk about, we believe education is critical in helping patients make good oral health choices. In light of that philosophy, let’s take a look at bone grafts, and the role they play in dentistry today.

What is a bone graft?
A bone graft is a procedure performed by a highly-trained oral surgeon like Dr. Brandon Cera at Northside Dental in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where a bone sample from another part of your body is grafted into your jaw. This will strengthen your jaw, helping you to have better oral health both now and in the future.

Why would I need one?
A bone graft is used to treat decay caused by gum disease or other oral health issues. It’s also used to strengthen your jaw bone in preparation for getting a dental implant. They’re also used often when you’re facing recovery from bone infections.

Are they common?
It’s not common to need a bone graft unless you have bad oral health to begin with. For most patients, it’s a last-resort type option. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 505-820-3551.