Addressing the Risk of Pregnancy Gingivitis

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If you are aware that you are pregnant, you are no doubt busy visiting the doctor for prenatal checkups, preparing to welcome your baby and keeping your body healthy with exercise and nutrition. It’s important that you care for your oral health when you are pregnant so that you can prevent pregnancy gingivitis and care for your baby.

There are many forms of gum disease, and about half of all adults in the United States struggle with some form. During pregnancy, your risk of gum disease can increase due to the changes occurring in your body. Pregnancy requires your body to experience many different changes, and these disrupt your hormonal balances. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to an increase in progesterone levels that cause the bacteria in your mouth to thrive and lead to the development of a disease.

Due to these changes in your hormones and heightened levels of progesterone, pregnant women can sometimes develop a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis while they are carrying. While gingivitis is the beginning of gum disease and is not severe, it needs to be treated with the help of a dental professional to prevent any risks to your baby, such as low birth weight or premature birth. A birth that is preterm can increase a child’s risk of having issues with vision and hearing loss, respiratory complications and digestive issues.

We are pleased to announce that you can easily prevent pregnancy gingivitis through a daily and thorough practice of oral hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly for dental checkups. If you are concerned about the development of pregnancy gingivitis in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our dentist by contacting Northside Dental at 505-820-3551 today. Dr. Brandon Cera and our team would be pleased to help you determine which habits and treatments would be effective at reducing bacteria levels in your smile.