With topical anesthetics, Dr. Brandon Cera can make sure that your treatment is as painless as possible. Oraqix®, unlike traditional injections, does not use needles to give you a pain-free appointment. Instead, our dentist uses a small applicator to apply the anesthetic along the gums and within the pockets surrounding your teeth. The anesthetic liquid solidifies once it comes in contact with the gum line and the warmer temperature of yout mouth. In about 30 seconds, the Oraqix gel numbs the treated area and lasts for around 20 minutes. This allows our dentist to work quickly and efficiently on patients who require periodontal procedures, such as scaling and root planing.

Oraqix has many advantages over other anesthetics, including:

  • Works within seconds of application
  • Effects wear off by the time your appointment ends
  • Provides our dentist with easy control over the numbed areas
  • Eliminates the pain of injection and needle-based anesthetics

If you are nervous about needles or other forms of traditional anesthetics, topical treatments like Oraqix may be your best solution. To see how this treatment can help you, call or text Northside Dental at 505-820-3551 and schedule a consultation with our dentist. He and his team will be able to answer your questions about Oraqix in Santa Fe, New Mexico, or our other available anesthetic options.